Teacher-Researcher Reflection by Antony Monteleone

Growing up with a ‘different’ surname, it wasn’t until I read Australian migrant literature at school where I felt that I could place myself as ‘Australian’. I want to look at how we construct ‘Australian-ness’ and, through Maxine Beneba Clarke’s The Hate Race and Foreign Soil, Claire G Coleman’s Terra Nullius,as well as Germaine Greer’s work, I want to provide students an opportunity to explore and reflect on the construction of being Australian to consider the following concept for Literature: Is the dynamism behind the Australian identity, informed by multiculturalism and diversity, an ideology to celebrate as a society? I hope to provide my students with an engaging unit that uses texts that fight for a space in the discourse of identity to leave them either on the journey to, or arrived at, their understanding of what makes them Australian.

~Antony Monteleone, Secondary English Teacher-Researcher on Pilot Study