Teacher-Researcher Reflection by Cameron Smith

The ‘teacher as researcher’ opportunity appealed to me as a way to revisit and reignite the research skills I developed during my Arts Degree in Literary Studies. As an early career teacher, I see immense value in this project as a both a catalyst for professional development and to collaborate with colleagues from across Victoria to share insights on both educational practices and the value of literature. ‘The Fictive Self’ – to borrow a phrase from the author Michelle De Kretser – encapsulates my ideas regarding this project. I am interested in the ways fiction and the lives of fictional characters resonates with audiences. Cate Kennedy’s anthology, “Like a House on Fire”, presents characters in an array of situations that mirror contemporary life.  My aim is to link these stories to mediums such as podcasts, literary journals and ‘zines’ to create a unit of work where print and digital medias are linked to real world contexts through the publication of a class literary magazine or the production of a class ‘literati’ podcast.

~Cameron Smith, Secondary English Teacher-Researcher on Pilot Study