How can secondary English teachers be supported in bringing Australian literature into their classrooms?

Australian Literature

In 2008 Australian Curriculum: English mandated that Australian literature be taught in secondary English. Research shows that while English teachers are eager to foreground Australian literature in their classrooms they don’t necessarily have the tools, time, or support to build a meaningful curriculum.

Championing Teachers

The project affirms teachers as researchers and public intellectuals with deep literary knowledge of diverse forms of Australian literature. The teacher-researchers project supports secondary English teachers to develop curricular materials that highlight the breadth of Australian literature.

Diverse Voices & Texts

In conversation with the Stella Prize, the project foregrounds diverse Australian women writers. Working alongside experts in the field and in conjunction with the University of Melbourne Archive, the teacher-researchers project prioritises the range of voices and depth of Australian women’s literature.

  • I aim towards broadening students' view of what Western literature looks like beyond the canon that so readily comes to mind, while simultaneously encouraging student autonomy in the direction of their writing.

  • I hope to provide my students with an engaging unit that uses texts that fight for a space in the discourse of identity to leave them either on the journey to, or arrived at, their understanding of what makes them Australian.

  • I see this opportunity as a chance to gain depth and rigour in my own understanding of these texts and their place in Australian literature, which is seldom possible (but sorely craved) during the rush and routine of classroom teaching.

  • The Teacher-Researcher opportunity appealed to me as a way to reignite the research skills I developed during my Arts Degree in Literary Studies. As an early career teacher, I see this project as a both a catalyst for professional development and to collaborate with colleagues to share insights on both educational practices and the value of literature.

  • The main focus for my research will be ‘How can I introduce diverse voices into the junior English classroom?’ My reasoning for this focus is to ensure that the texts used in the English curriculum are representative of the student cohort that we teach.